Employee, visitor and events management system.

Robust registration, attendee tracking, automated marketing tools. Those should be standard. With wowlogbook, you get it all. And that’s just the beginning.

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Revolutionize your check-in process.

In-person events are back and better than ever. Use Wowlogbook to gather attendees, track which content they interact with, and automate SMS to bring them back next time.

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Feedback and complaint system.

Wow Logbook allows guests to leave feedback on events or service provision and to make complaints, which can be used in future decision making to enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

You can now:

  • View all visitors at your premises.
  • See how long employees spent with a visitor.
  • See who is hosting a particular visitor.
  • Get staff check-in and check-out data in real time.


  • Track visitor activities.
  • View visitor records. (time-in, time-out, phone number, IDs).
  • Sort, filter and export details for emergencies, HR reports, etc.
  • Track employee time spent with visitors.
  • Visitor contact can used for company targetted ads/announcements.
  • Customized/Personalized platform per organization.
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