Employee, Visitor, and Events Management System.

Efficient registration, attendance tracking, and automated marketing tools. These must be the standard. With Wow LogBook, the standard is guaranteed. And that's only the beginning!

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Revolutionize your check-in process.

In-person events are back and better than ever. With Wow LogBook, we capture event attendance, and visitor sign-ins in our digital system to make signing in for events and keeping track of attendance for present and future purposes easy, secure, and reliable!

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Feedback and complaint system.

Wow LogBook allows guests and visitors to leave feedback on events or services provided. Feedback given can be used in the future decision-making process which can help enhance customer experience and satisfaction.
Additionally, Wow LogBook offers solutions for your Corporate Office.

You can now:

  • Have accurate information on the visitors on your premises.
  • Observe how long employees interact with a visitor.
  • Identify who is hosting a particular visitor.
  • Obtain staff check-in and check-out data in real time.

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Your event management platform should work for you, the way you need it to work. Check out our solutions and ask how to customize them for your requirements.


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