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What It Does

Employee & Visitor management

The app enables you to keep track, monitor and evaluate effectively the attendance of your employees as well as customer/visitor acitvities on your premises.


WowEvents delivers a fast and easy means of keeping track of attendees and guests of your events, summits and conferences.

Customer feedback and complaints

Wowlogbook provides your clients and visitors the flexibility to report useful customer feedback and comments, and also ensures a robust platform for customer follow-ups.

Revolutionize your visitor check-in process.

WOWlogbook is a visitor identification and employee management system that enables businesses to keep track of employee attendance and monitor visitors who visit their premises. Visitors will be uniquely identified by their phone numbers and QR ( Quick Response ) codes, so they will not have to sign in every time they visit the same location. The app also allows for the tracking and management of employee attendance.

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  • Track visitor activities.
  • View visitor records. (time-in, time-out, phone number, IDs).
  • Sort, filter and export details for emergencies, HR reports, etc.
  • Track employee time spent with visitors.
  • Visitor contact can used for company targetted ads/announcements.
  • Customized/Personalized platform per organization.
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From the lobby to your host in a few taps.

With Wowlogbook, you can:

  • View all visitors at your premises.
  • See how long employees spent with a visitor.
  • See who is hosting a particular visitor.
  • Get staff check-in and check-out data in real time.

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Available for IOS and Android.

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