Event Attendance Registration and Online Ticketing Platform.

The all-in-one event management platform that makes your in-person or virtual B2B events & conferences more successful than ever before. Registration & ticketing, event networking, attendee check-in and many more.

About us

Our Services

Digital Registration

We provide digital attendance registration for your events, conferences, seminars, and exhibitions. This includes custom forms for preregistration and onsite registration on the day of the event.

Dynamic Ticketing

Create truly personalized experiences. Connect payments via momo or bank cards for instant payouts..

Seamless Onsite Check-in and Verified Ticket Access

Experience a hassle-free event entry with our efficient onsite check-in and ticket verification system. Say goodbye to long queues and delays as our streamlined process ensures smooth check-ins and seamless validation of your tickets.

Feedback & complaints system

Submit your feedback or concerns seamlessly through our specialized platform. Partner with us to shape exceptional corporate gatherings.


Employee, Visitor & Congregation Management.

Tired of the manual way of managing visitor and employees at your office or members of your church? We have you covered.

Real-Time Staff Check-In and Check-Out Monitoring

Access staff check-in and check-out data anytime, anywhere through our mobile-friendly interface. Whether you're in the office or on the go, you can monitor staff attendance and availability with ease.

Gain Insight into On-Site Visitors

Keep track of who enters and exits your premises in real-time. Our system records timestamps and captures photos or identification details to ensure comprehensive monitoring of visitor traffic.

Track Employee-Visitor Interactions

Access comprehensive logs that document the key touchpoints and activities during employee-visitor interactions. Whether it's a meeting, consultation, or tour, our platform records the details to provide a complete picture of the engagement.


AI Insights & Data Analytics

Actionable Insights

Our advanced analytics tools provide a comprehensive view of trends, patterns, and opportunities hidden within your data. Make informed decisions that drive growth.

Data-Driven Precision

Leverage the capabilities of AI-driven data analytics to refine your strategies. From predictive modeling to real-time analytics, we empower you with data-driven precision. Enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and stay ahead of the curve with actionable intelligence.